Lunch Menu



served with kettle chips or fries (pickle on request!)

turkey sandwich

swiss, bread & butter slaw, 1000 island aioli, sourdough


salmon sandwich

hot honey, feta aioli, tomato, baby arugula, brioche bun


grilled cheese

mushroom, leek, tomato, garlic, arugula, goat cheese, balsamic


sloppy joe

braised pork shoulder, pickles, potato chips, brioche bun



mojo pork, smoked ham, house made pickles, provolone, whole grain mayo, butter toasted bread



served with kettle chips or fries (pickle on request!)

whimpy burgers

sliders, bacon, blue cheese aioli, onion jam, rolls


olive burger

olive mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion, swiss, potato roll


veggie burger

tempeh & mushroom, cheddar cheese, horsey aioli, onion, potato roll


turkey burger

handmade, provolone, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, potato roll


lobster roll

classic east coast lobster salad, butter toasted split top buns, shredded pickles


salad + soup

soup du jour



romaine, olives, marinated tomato, red onion, cucumber, olive dressing



romaine, crouton, parmesan, caesar dressing



shaved asparagus, pistachio, parmesan, avocado, champagne vin


naval orange

dates, blue cheese, walnuts, mixed greens, orange and shallot vin


beet + berry

goat cheese, mixed lettuce, walnut, sherry vin


small plates

quinoa cakes

smashed avocado, olive oil, everything bagel seasoning, lemon aioli, pickled onion


lettuce wraps

bibb, stir-fried chicken, green onion, shiitake, water chestnut, wonton, dipping sauce


mushroom crostini

roasted wild mushroom, crusty bread, herb goat cheese, scallion oil, demi


little olives

(12 & under)

sliders • chicken tenders grilled cheese • noodles & parm

fresh fruit & chips or fries included


*ask your server about menu items that are cooked to order or served raw. consuming raw or under cooked metas, seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of food-born illness.

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